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      🔥 Walters Cultural Arts Center Zoom Talk 🔥

      Walters Cultural Arts Center

      We are super excited for our upcoming talk with our friends at the Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro. 

      We will be doing a virtual conversation and talk around a few topics that include my heritage and story, art and how resilience plays a huge role in thinking. 

      I will be talking sharing some life lessons and advice that you can carry into your daily life, and to amplify your voice and business while wrapping it up with your story.

      🎁 We'll be giving out a Discount code for Refutees

      🤝 Announcing our new project with our friends at PSU

      📚 Announcing our upcoming BOOK Name and release date!

      Please sign up for the event in the link below 

      Please share with family and friends who maybe interested as well!

      Creative Connections Presents: Spreading Peace with Hussein Al-Baiaty

      Facebook Event Page

      Day - 26 - Gathering

      Three weeks ago my friend Jordan Carrol gives me a call and says "Hey man I'm going to be in town in a few weeks and I want to put on a fundraiser for Refugees." He was in a contest to be able to travel and a portion of the contest was to create a fundraiser event to help an organization. I was of course excited from his energy and couldn't wait to put on a small gathering. As we tied up the food from El Masry food cart downtown Portland and the venue at Top Coffee House off Hawthorne plans came together fairly quick.

      During the event we had an amazing time simply sharing stories about Immigrant story and how we all got to come to the United States. Of course not everyone was born outside the US but even those born here had a story of how grandparents came from somewhere else. The topic and conversations began to weave them self into all the unique commonalities we share and it was amazing. This breaks down the walls we tend to put up around our personal story and now becomes the catalyst of how we connect. Sharing stories like how we learned to fuse our cultures and growing up in the US is crucial to help uplift one another and look forward to creating the changes with in our self and community for a better future.

      My wife and I loved every single minute of it and I can't wait to do another gathering again, OHH wait, we are It's this Saturday on the 21st from 4-8pm our Spread Peace Social is going to be awesome!

      Trust me, you don't want to miss the Spread Peace Social, we are celebrating The Printory's 8th Birthday! Also Refutees 3rd Birthday. We are so lucky to be able to build an amazing supportive community around the print shop and we would love for you to join our celebration of all that we do together!

      Have a fantastic Saturday evening my friends




      Day - 27 - Power

      I learned today through practicing my story telling abilities infant of respected coaches of story tellers. I tried to weave emotion into the phases of my story, this allows for power to come to fruition. Powerful connection is made when I reach back into my memory bank and try to create a vivid image of the surroundings and a Refugee experience. This power to be able to reach into the emotion that mixes it self with the experience of growth. The power in the art that has tremendously become the vivid language to share my life story with an audience. Practicing with some amazing story tellers has made me a little better.

      Coaching is necessary to understand how to harness my own power of story telling abilities. I had no idea I had the ability to speak in-front of an audience. I always felt I didn't have much important things to say. I've learned it's not that I need to say something important, It's that I have been living an important valuable life this whole time. This realization has transformed who I think of my self and the powerful story I'm building and carrying. To be able to share it has become a form of therapy in of it self. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my story with others who may use it to be inspired to do more of what they love so that they too can be an inspiring force in our community.

      I knew I had power behind my art, I knew I had power in my voice and ability to simply speak with people. Knowing this power exists with in and channeling how to use it to the best of my abilities has been a gift to receive. Sharing our stories can move mountains, change policy, inspire, motivate and create the change we all seek to make in our world. I hope you can join me this Wednesday the 18th at the Beaverton City Library from 6pm-9pm where musicians, story tellers and a community are all coming together to listen to support and commune in this important event.


      Have a great night my friends

      Day - 25 - Strategy

      I have a mentor I started working with to help with shining light on things I had no idea even existed along with things I can think about as I steer life in the direction I want to go. She's great and we've only met up twice so far, but she has been a great resource to me thinking about things down the path of entrepreneurship. We spoke about a variety of things to work on or work towards and one being Strategy. Though my wife and I have been doing bits and pieces of strategizing around Refutees, shop and speaking events. With so many opportunities that constantly come to the table it's more important now to choose the opportunities the align best with the work at hand. 

      Spreading my self thin has been one of my worst attributes as I love lending my time and life and work to anyone who I thought needed help. It turns out people can help them selves and I don’t need to be a hero in anyones story, but my own. I'm always grateful to be in a position to offer a valuable service or even a talk at a school. These are things I GET to do but constantly doing and giving, I run out of fuel for my self and family and that HAD to change. After all isn’t that what we want the most, time for our families and friends and enjoyment of life.

      Creating a strategy, systems and a better flow and understanding of the outcomes from the work, is CRUCIAL for creating the lifestyle I seek to live. Thinking from the end and working backwards has been a tremendous help in my life. I will be strategizing more in the months and years ahead and building habits to stick to the strategies that can ultimately give me a life that is not stressful but full of excitement, fun and gratitude. 

      What will your strategy be for the week ahead. We can start from that point. Stick to it for the whole week plan every single hour. You will realize YOU DO HAVE time for the things you want to do, you just have to fill a calendar in with those things and STICK to it. 

      Good luck and good day my friends!

      Day - 24 - READy

      I love a simple word that carries so much weight that it hits hard when you come to see it. I never knew how much anyone needed to be ready for something. I tend to think of the "thing" I want or need and think ok I need this, that and the other thing and then I'll be ready to do that "thing." I used to act on motivated drive that worked around a circle to "TRY" to get the thing that I wanted, only to realize it wasn't what I wanted or even needed. The energy consumed and exerted was not wasted however, I learned so much in those experiences of diving in and not knowing what to do. This can serve to push forward a little, but it wont push too far. Adding the ingredient of knowledge through reading and research adds NOS to the engine of moving forward. Success in every form leaves so many clues that picking those clues up and applying them to the purpose of seeking those who can benefit from your value changes the whole game.

      Focusing on the peoples experience of what a Refutee is has been challenging in some cases. to be ready I realized I needed to educate my self on the many subjects I avoided. Learning financials and how to analyze on a deeper level to make choices that best fit the outcome of the purpose has much more meaning to me now. Learning marketing from a perspective of attracting instead of chasing has done wonders for how I approach the problems I used to face while trying to get the word out about Refutees. 

      Ever since I have been reading to improve my thoughts and decision making. I have become more READY for anything that can come my way. When you read you will be ready.

      Good day my friends.