Day - 10 - Sunset

I love a good sunset, the colors, clouds, at the beach or wherever really. Currently on the roof top deck of our building writing this and staring at an incredible range of reds, purples, light blues, as it fades to a dark blue when I gaze further back to the moon light. It's refreshing and it's a reminder to how small I am in the scheme of things in this universe. 

A good sunset is a great ending to the day It helps end the page or chapter so you can move on to the next to enhance the over all book. We are all in some way writing our stories and creating our movie. Whether we know it or not, choosing things in life or allowing things to choose us. Whatever the perspective is every day I write a page to my book of memories and experiences. I'm trying to fill my memories and experiences with as much good ones as I can. Somedays pages and stories jump at at you, some are repetitive and boring, but hey at least I'm writing my story and I'm grateful for that. I can begin to choose the day and plan how I want the story to be directed to the best of my abilities, which can ultimately give me a great sunset at the end of the page so I can move to the next one feeling accomplished.

Write your page, get more sunsets in your life.

Good night my friends.


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