Day - 15 - Chapters

Once a month we try to release a new t shirt, at times it's a new and unique design. I try to archive through the messaging of the shirt with what I am currently going through in my journey of life. These are the Chapters I get to create in my life and I hope to keep creating a monthly PEACE of art for as long as I possibly can. The T shirt is an opportunity to say something to my self, a reminder to push along in life while keeping the things that matter near and dear. Reminders to stay focused on my health from mental to physical. My intention with in every graphic is that it creates conversations with total strangers. A simple "where did you get that shirt?" can lead to an interesting conversation to potentially create an opportunity you maybe needing. The giving back portion is simple and weaves it self into the experience of the garment and the purpose behind the designs and how they are all connected. The unity of people wearing Refutees represents an incredible opportunity to spread positive, purposeful, and most of all peaceful messages into our communities where we can all use a reminder.

Stay tuned as I share the story behind every design in the days to come.

Good night my friends.

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