Day - 16 - Drop Knowledge

I'm not really sure exactly when this T shirt came together in my mind. I was inspired by some Shepherd Fairey art work and loved the fonts and the vintage war like posters. I remember when US Aid planes dropped rice over our temporary camp right on the border of where Iraq and Saudi Arabia Meet. A salt mine became our shelter for the first few days of us leaving our country. I think back now how the same airplanes that can drop bombs are also used to drop aid to people in need. Why drop bombs in the first place? Thats for a different post.

I thought it would be a silly idea to picture books dropping out of planes and the design was born. The design has evolved with me over the years as it has become one of those classics I cant seem to shake off. People laugh, smile, raise their eyebrows, stop and look with dead serious look on the face when they pass by at events. The shirt is designed with the intention that it will create a conversation, a connection of agreement in a head nod. Messaging can be very powerful to unite communities. Drop knowledge not bombs T shirts and posters are classics that have circulated around schools and the Portland community for over five years now. I love knowing that someone out there is wearing one right now supporting the mission. 

Good night my friends,

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