Day -17- Astrolabe

One of my favorite designs Is the Time Peace graphic. This graphic has been one that evolved with me as I have grown. This graphic came from a concept I was trying to portray, the value of time.

I played with quotes like "time is of the essence" but it seemed too easy to simply allow that to be the visual perception of time.

So I began researching and came across the Astrolabe, the computer of the ancient world. The more research I did the more I was blown away at all that it was used for and how it improved over time. This device was an immense resource to the Scholars of the Golden Age of Islam as they mapped the heavens above and pushed science forward in search of knowledge.

I love every thing about an astrolabe, I invite you to watch this video to learn more about this remarkable computer. 

 This graphic weaves together an astrolabe and symbols from astronomy while peace dove representing a peaceful harmony of the heavens above. I believe the graphic as a whole places the concept of time in the repetition of the dots as stars. The moon shape is pulled from the astrolabe and the lines to point to stars is kept to frame the image as a whole and connects the device to the background. 

I hope to keep this graphic forever and turn it into a classic tee worn forever by many who value the concept of our time, peace and art together on this earth. 

Good night my friends,


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