Day - 18 - Change

Change is a difficult thing to move towards when everything about change is uncomfortable. Change is something I have to face everyday, change is growth. We all have opportunities to change a habit or two, no matter how small, change. I believe change is the way to a better self and outlook on surroundings and situations. Change helps you view things with a little bit of a different approach. A different approach may be the key to solving any problem. 

I'm working on changing my eating habits to add more fruit into my diet instead of packaged protein bars. I have been improving over the months by making one or two good choices as often as I can. I wore my "Be The Change" Refutee the other day and It made me feel good about the simple act of trying to live up to the change I want to make FOR my health. Change isn't always something you see or visualize. Change is the feeling that is associated with calm, silence, relaxed. I chose using braille to associate the idea of "being the change" is for you to "feel" The moments of when you accidentally touch the embossed dot on the garment it can connect the sensors to remind you of the quote. That subtle reminder is feeling and being the change.  Using puff ink we made the texture of the braille be embossed. Though it looks like an abstract dot pattern it has significant meaning to the person who wears it. Starting conversations with this shirt is one of my favorite things.

Change something within.

Good night my friends.

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