Day - 19 - State

Learning to be able to shift my state of mind to try to be at peace is very difficult. Practicing meditation as often as I can at least 10-20 minutes of quite time somewhere is good. Creating a sense of calm is essential to my daily habit still need to get better however. Taking quick walks, stepping outside to sit outside the shop on the grass to take it in are little opportunities to take advantage of. Merely breathing, being in the moment as much as I can. Any time I do this it helps bring clarity to my thoughts and a little more awareness to the moment. 

When I sat down to put together the Peaceful State of Mind Tee, I wanted to create a Tee to help remind my self to take it easy and go with the flow. I wanted to make it look like a vintage sports tee you got at a random meditation retreat. I designed and made it Green and light yellow the first time we printed this, but since we changed the color way to pink and burnt orange. The font style is a vintage sport theme that had rounded edges and not refined. Giving it a vintage light salmon color It went further in the visual feel of peaceful. The light pink sunset and the graphic color of burnt orange help remind me of those peaceful colors and helps me be a little more calm. At the Beach in the calm and watching the sun bow out for the evening.

This is a Refutee Classic as it has become an icon in our line up and people from all over Portland and beyond sport the tee all through the communities spreading the positive message of remembering to be better today.

Keep a peaceful state of mind.

Good night my friends


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