Day 2 - Time

The most powerful thing I associate with time now, is that it’s worth more than I can ever imagine and nothing on earth is more valuable. It's the only way I know to experience life, however over the years I under valued my time and I intend to better understand how I can master my dicipline over time. It seems that the easier "things" in our world become the more things we add to our never ending lists of todo's. Over the years of owning my businesses I have learned that the more efficient I become the more I add to the never ending list of todo's. Whether I delegate them out or do them my self the list keeps going. Understanding time management is a huge priority in my life currently. My intention is to be present in my life and cut out distractions that are constantly taking away whats really important.  

I have been pushing my self to value my time more so that I only spend it on the things I really want to put time and energy into. I have ultimately decided that I am interested in becoming productive not "busy". Ask anyone today "How are you doing?" And the answer is most likely "BUSY!" Everyone measures "busy" differently because it's so subjective. Being busy has all kinds of ups and downs, but it CRUSHES the most valuable thing you already have. YOUR TIME. I have a lot to learn and work on when it comes to time management. The thing that has helped me the most however is understanding how truly limited time is and what I choose to spend it on will define so much of what happens to me in the future. I realized that though I have been busy I may not have been productive on the things that really matter to me. 

Strategizing has taken over my brain powers and now I want to build a strategy for every aspect of life. Simple blue prints of what I want to happen in life that I can easily update as my own knowledge and life experience expands. This has really helped me take wheel of time and steer it towards more important stops through out the day, week, month and years to come. 

All great things however take time, which means one step every day to carving out minutes here and there and putting them in different and healthier baskets will add up in the long run. Building these habits with my wife has been one of the most rewarding things in my life. 

Good night my friends.


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