Day - 20 - Thankful

The attitude of gratitude is difficult to maintain but easy to practice. Every-time I wake up in the morning I say "Al - Hamdulilah" which translates to "All Praise be to Allah" I'm self reflecting and simply saying that I am grateful for waking up and having the opportunity to live another day. Another day to practice kindness, compassion and love. Practicing those things with my self first has been a new light for me. Telling my self that I am plenty of enough and that I don't constantly need more of me to put into the world. All that I have and all that I am is from the most high Allah. I hope to continue to grow into a BETTER version of my self and create more opportunities of calm and focus to allow my spirit to be in the moment and feel the abundance I already have.

What can you say to your self first thing in the morning that can help set you up for a gratitude state of mind?

Have a great evening my friends.

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