Day - 22 - Dovetail

I heard the term Dovetail today for the first time in my life, I quickly reacted to it because anything with the word "dove" sends some sort of an alarm through my head. The "peace dove is the logo in the letter "u" in Refutees.

I looked up the meaning and it this is the quickest response google gave me 

  1. a joint formed by one or more tapered projections (tenons) on one piece which interlock with corresponding notches or recesses (mortises) in another.
    A very cool term that is for going to inspire a t-shirt or a painting.
    I love how something like this term can give me a new way to say "join together" and it would flow with the ideas of unity and peace through out the messaging of the conversations the T shirts create.
    Learn something new everyday ( I'm sure I'm the last person on earth who doesn't know "dovetail" but hey I got it today)
    Good night my friends 

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