Day - 23 - morse code

All about the presence is a tee that my wife suggested we make for the 2018 Holiday Season. The T shirt was really about how we celebrate the holidays with "presents" and gifts. This time of the year is great for reflection, meals and all the many ways it is celebrated around the world. The presence is a gift, one that is typically overlooked in our communities. We tend to forget how important "right now" really is. As a reminder to be int he present moment I designed the tee with the intention of hiding it in plain sight. Using Morse Code I mapped out how the sentence was structured gave it an Arabian style font for the dots and lines made it with he iconic black white and red combination of colors. The front of the shirt to the person not wearing it, seems random but also significant with the word "presence" having a red line covering it. 

People often react and ask "what does this shirt say" and the conversation that ensues is typically great. a moment in time where someone simply shares the importance of right now and to be in the moment. Morse Code on the front and written out on the sleeve I positioned it intentionally so that the person wearing the shirt can easily read it. a simply nudge, a reminder.

The present is the gift hidden in plane sight. Basking in the now is difficult, remove distractions and remember the only time that is truly important is NOW.

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