Day - 24 - READy

I love a simple word that carries so much weight that it hits hard when you come to see it. I never knew how much anyone needed to be ready for something. I tend to think of the "thing" I want or need and think ok I need this, that and the other thing and then I'll be ready to do that "thing." I used to act on motivated drive that worked around a circle to "TRY" to get the thing that I wanted, only to realize it wasn't what I wanted or even needed. The energy consumed and exerted was not wasted however, I learned so much in those experiences of diving in and not knowing what to do. This can serve to push forward a little, but it wont push too far. Adding the ingredient of knowledge through reading and research adds NOS to the engine of moving forward. Success in every form leaves so many clues that picking those clues up and applying them to the purpose of seeking those who can benefit from your value changes the whole game.

Focusing on the peoples experience of what a Refutee is has been challenging in some cases. to be ready I realized I needed to educate my self on the many subjects I avoided. Learning financials and how to analyze on a deeper level to make choices that best fit the outcome of the purpose has much more meaning to me now. Learning marketing from a perspective of attracting instead of chasing has done wonders for how I approach the problems I used to face while trying to get the word out about Refutees. 

Ever since I have been reading to improve my thoughts and decision making. I have become more READY for anything that can come my way. When you read you will be ready.

Good day my friends.

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