Day - 25 - Strategy

I have a mentor I started working with to help with shining light on things I had no idea even existed along with things I can think about as I steer life in the direction I want to go. She's great and we've only met up twice so far, but she has been a great resource to me thinking about things down the path of entrepreneurship. We spoke about a variety of things to work on or work towards and one being Strategy. Though my wife and I have been doing bits and pieces of strategizing around Refutees, shop and speaking events. With so many opportunities that constantly come to the table it's more important now to choose the opportunities the align best with the work at hand. 

Spreading my self thin has been one of my worst attributes as I love lending my time and life and work to anyone who I thought needed help. It turns out people can help them selves and I don’t need to be a hero in anyones story, but my own. I'm always grateful to be in a position to offer a valuable service or even a talk at a school. These are things I GET to do but constantly doing and giving, I run out of fuel for my self and family and that HAD to change. After all isn’t that what we want the most, time for our families and friends and enjoyment of life.

Creating a strategy, systems and a better flow and understanding of the outcomes from the work, is CRUCIAL for creating the lifestyle I seek to live. Thinking from the end and working backwards has been a tremendous help in my life. I will be strategizing more in the months and years ahead and building habits to stick to the strategies that can ultimately give me a life that is not stressful but full of excitement, fun and gratitude. 

What will your strategy be for the week ahead. We can start from that point. Stick to it for the whole week plan every single hour. You will realize YOU DO HAVE time for the things you want to do, you just have to fill a calendar in with those things and STICK to it. 

Good luck and good day my friends!

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