Day - 26 - Gathering

Three weeks ago my friend Jordan Carrol gives me a call and says "Hey man I'm going to be in town in a few weeks and I want to put on a fundraiser for Refugees." He was in a contest to be able to travel and a portion of the contest was to create a fundraiser event to help an organization. I was of course excited from his energy and couldn't wait to put on a small gathering. As we tied up the food from El Masry food cart downtown Portland and the venue at Top Coffee House off Hawthorne plans came together fairly quick.

During the event we had an amazing time simply sharing stories about Immigrant story and how we all got to come to the United States. Of course not everyone was born outside the US but even those born here had a story of how grandparents came from somewhere else. The topic and conversations began to weave them self into all the unique commonalities we share and it was amazing. This breaks down the walls we tend to put up around our personal story and now becomes the catalyst of how we connect. Sharing stories like how we learned to fuse our cultures and growing up in the US is crucial to help uplift one another and look forward to creating the changes with in our self and community for a better future.

My wife and I loved every single minute of it and I can't wait to do another gathering again, OHH wait, we are It's this Saturday on the 21st from 4-8pm our Spread Peace Social is going to be awesome!

Trust me, you don't want to miss the Spread Peace Social, we are celebrating The Printory's 8th Birthday! Also Refutees 3rd Birthday. We are so lucky to be able to build an amazing supportive community around the print shop and we would love for you to join our celebration of all that we do together!

Have a fantastic Saturday evening my friends




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