Day - 27 - Power

I learned today through practicing my story telling abilities infant of respected coaches of story tellers. I tried to weave emotion into the phases of my story, this allows for power to come to fruition. Powerful connection is made when I reach back into my memory bank and try to create a vivid image of the surroundings and a Refugee experience. This power to be able to reach into the emotion that mixes it self with the experience of growth. The power in the art that has tremendously become the vivid language to share my life story with an audience. Practicing with some amazing story tellers has made me a little better.

Coaching is necessary to understand how to harness my own power of story telling abilities. I had no idea I had the ability to speak in-front of an audience. I always felt I didn't have much important things to say. I've learned it's not that I need to say something important, It's that I have been living an important valuable life this whole time. This realization has transformed who I think of my self and the powerful story I'm building and carrying. To be able to share it has become a form of therapy in of it self. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my story with others who may use it to be inspired to do more of what they love so that they too can be an inspiring force in our community.

I knew I had power behind my art, I knew I had power in my voice and ability to simply speak with people. Knowing this power exists with in and channeling how to use it to the best of my abilities has been a gift to receive. Sharing our stories can move mountains, change policy, inspire, motivate and create the change we all seek to make in our world. I hope you can join me this Wednesday the 18th at the Beaverton City Library from 6pm-9pm where musicians, story tellers and a community are all coming together to listen to support and commune in this important event.


Have a great night my friends

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