Day 3 - Positive

I'm constatnly reminding my self to remain postive and patient about situations and any outcome that may come my way. Having this postive attitude in life is not always easy. There are times where I just want to lay on the horn while being in traffic. There are plenty of times I've been irretable or my mood would swing from feeling pretty good to why did I read that email. People and things are always flying towards us and how we react to these things can easily turn a mood upside down. 

The way I began to deal with the endless stream of "things" coming my way is to do decide in the early morning that everything coming my way is actually GOOD. That all "things" are really only subjuct to my interpetation and those emotions I have signed to them long ago can be changed. This is the process I'm in today. Learning how to recognize what emotions are connected to reactions. Also what emotions are connected to Actions. 

Choosing to be focused on the postive outcomes and visualizing that the day will go even better than I plan has been something I have been trying to make a habit for some time now. It is very difficult when years of my early youth I was traumatized, but had no idea. Growing up in a different society, culture, friends, family, television and so much has defined how I percieve my self and the world. 

I listen to anything positive, from interviews, to youtube channels. Wayne Dyer is a huge player in the car to help Maintain My Gandhi. Constantly being aware of what goes into the brainwaves and being cautious of where my thoughts and emotions go and allow them to move to a positive state. Whether it's a Refutee I have on, the shop, or remarkable people all around me who call, text, email me all kinds of blessings. The reminders to be positive and have a good attitude are all around. 

Lately the most influentially positive person I have been around has been my wife. Who can help keep you remain in a positive state? Find them, love them and repeat the words and actions of a thankful person. Now I must submit this posting so I can enjoy the evening with the one that matters the most.

Good night my friends.

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