Day - 5 - Listen

Listening has so many benefits it's right up there with water and air. However I'm realizing how important listening is now in my life more than ever before. The more Iv'e learned to speak, I've also been very bad at shutting up and listening to others speak. Listening is a work of art, I am realizing that it really takes being in the moment and caring enough to give someone full and respectful attention to listen to all the details in what is being communicated. 

My intention is to become a better listener, not just around people, but also for nature, inner self and instinct. I'm not sure on how exactly to become a better listener. I’m sure this takes years to get a hold of let alone master. I know this is a journey to become a better listener, but I believe becoming more aware of it is some of the battle. Listening is very rewarding because I believe it helps me connect with people and in today's world that is important for cultivating meaningful relationships.

I intend to build small habits in daily life routines and create opportunities to simply sit back and listen, to nature, to my inner spiritual thoughts also known as "the gut" to people that matter who speak positively of the world and cultures. 

Let's all listen a little more tomorrow. 

Good night my friends.

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