Day - 6 - Intentional

Intentional with thoughts, words, actions, rewards.  What kind of experiences do I want to design into my life? How can I clean my mind to create more space for clarity and become more calm and collected? Having clean thinking is more difficult that I can ever express in words. My thinking is constantly bombarded with immense amount of ideas, things I haven't done yet, things I want to do, people I want to meet, places I want to visit and so on. My thoughts are pulled in many directions at all times and I am becoming more aware of these "things" that are taking away the focus. I'm learning carefully how to use logic over emotional decision making. Learning to stop, wait for a while, allow the decision that needs to be made sink deep into the thinking machine to reveal the best outcome. Practicing patience here is very crucial, but having strong and unshakable belief in the best outcome determines if an idea, concept or anything has a chance to manifest.

I'm learning to give my mind the break that it needs to make a rational and logical decision and not one based on emotion, which is in most cases marinated with fear sauce and what if spices. This is the stuff that gets in the way of writing, creating, confidence. It gets in the way of making moves based in purpose and love, putting your self "out there" and not listening to the gut feeling to do something great in life. 

I believe we need emotions however they are crucial to decision making, but they can be refined to best fit who you really are. Knowing our self then is the best cure to having our emotions serve us well. Knowing self and improving self simply means you can expand your thinking to respect other point of views, but the need to adopt them is optional and should be entertained only if it aligns with the highest values you set fourth. 

Instead of fighting my mind constantly about being intentional I'm learning to use the power of creating new habits to auto correct old ones. I'm now learning to be intentional about being as aware as I can be of my time and how to make the most of it every day.

Salam wa Masa Al Khair ( Peace and Evening of Blessings on to you)

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