Day - 7 - Loops

Life has a very interesting way of creating loops. Loops are what most people call coincidence, something that happens almost randomly. I believe there is an absolute reason for everything, everything is teaching me something. As I try to push my self to grow the more loops become more complex and harder to understand the lesson. The number one thing that has helped me come out of old loops and create better ones has been reading.  

Listening to audible books and YouTube channels of endless amounts of mentors has helped me in more ways than I can count. I have grown to understand that things come in cycles and I should always be aware of my time to understand that the loop I'm in is helping get to a much better loop. Loops are time with emotional fibers that keep them coming back until we learn to unwind them and create a new positive loop.

I work to identify these loops sometimes they are easy, sometimes they are hard to understand or even know how to change them. I intend to unravel them as I continue to grow. Let's create better loops for our selves and others.

Salam and Masa Al Khair ( Peace and Night of Blessings)

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