Day - 8 - Celebrate

Remembering to have something to look forward to and creating the time to celebrate is essential. Learning to create the time and set up opportunities to have something to consistently celebrate has been an important factor in organizing time and life. It's easy as pick a person, or people,  pick a day, pick a time, pick a night or favorite place to eat, go enjoy the time and have a remarkable conversation and be in the moment. Don't make it more difficult, make that happen. Talk about the other person, make them feel good and let allow good time to simply be. I loved it so much I can't wait to do it again and again!

My wife and I try to be consistent with taking time to celebrate life and starting new beginnings and feeling great about the accomplishments in the past. Speaking to one another about how far we've come and how blessed we are gives us a sense of gratitude and time to enjoy each others conversation as we highlight life and simply express how proud we are of each other. This helps me stay aligned to  our values and how we wish to be of help to one another and knowing how to be supportive in the months ahead. Communicating what we are both looking forward to opens up a great dialogue as we enjoy the moment with great food, laughter and a view to share. This is all fairly new to me and I intend to become more aware of celebrating all of life and setting up every day to win by simply remember I'm lucky, I'm alive another day to pursue my intentions and to do my best.

No matter how big or small of a win, celebrate and have something to look forward to every day, make them sweet so you can enjoy celebrating.

Salam wa masa al khair (Peace and Good night )

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