Day - 9 - Stretch

Metaphorically stretching the mind with books and a good clean positive input stream of positive information. Lately however I listen to comedy on my commute to the shop. Laughing has really helped me relax in the morning and not take "things" too serious. Laughter helps my mind find clarity on the things I really need to focus on and think about. I usually turn it all off once I start work, but lately I've been feeling a bit more calm and feeling at ease. 

Literally stretching during yoga is incredible, I've listened to enough people speak on the benefits yoga and flexibility in the strength of the body. I'm learning it is way more important to maintain health in anyway I can and I've put off my health long enough. I put it off during college and for working, "hustling" and "grinding" Instead I'm learning to say productive, proactive. Changing the vocabulary of how I describe what I typically do has helped me tremendously. 

It's all sort of new to me, being better requires stepping out of comfort and into discomfort. In the discomfort lives so much improvement once that stretch is made. The next time you stretch that place of discomfort is actually comfortable. 




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