Write Every Day

I challenged my self that I would write something everyday. The only way to improve at anything is to simply do it. I intend to be better at writing stories and the lessons I learn through my life experiences. I'm currently on the path to writing a book and my wife pushed me to simply begin writing to start warming up for when I start the course in October. I'm not sure I would even be here with out her pushing me for the things I always talk about. I'm beyond grateful that I have her endless support, I thrive on it. I'm very excited to start something fresh, writing a book has always seemed out of reach, but I always knew that someday I would need to face it and get it done. 

I've had one hell of a journey since my family left home in Iraq. I'm excited to put this in the best story form along with tons of lessons I have learned in life that came from so many great and not so great experiences. As I seek to improve my writing skills through out this blog I hope to give some insights on the many things I have learned and still learning. I hope to express how I really feel about the world around me and my persoanl journey through it. I look forward to this journey and hope to continue onwards and upwards in life.

Salam and good night my friends.

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