The Scholar Club 2019 ( Unisex Tee )

The Scholar Club 2019 ( Unisex Tee )

Through the monthly Refutee I get to have the incredible honor of practicing art. I have always been amazed with graphic messages that have deep meaning that go on to make you think about your self, our world. The Refutee was designed so that I can push my self every month to design a piece of art that has purpose. Creating a graphic that can help spark a conversation, reminds you that peace is a mindset away. I want to make things that are meaningful, that share stories from the past, present, and future. This is a way for me to archive the times, the culture and to have an uncensored creative outlet.

The Scholar Club is a group of family and friends who sign up for this subscription to support, celebrate art, culture, new ideas, and an interesting T Shirt that drops in the mail once a month. Along with the box going out to all members, we get to drop a Box of goods at Catholic Charities and IRCO once a month to make it all full circle to give back. 

All subscribers get the newest Refutee first before it is released to the public. You're welcome to try it out for a month, you can cancel anytime, no hard feelings.

Thanks for your support, I can't wait to send you the next Refutee, which usually ships out at the end of every month. 

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